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 The EZE Group – Tenerife

Eze Group shares with you some of the highlights of 2011. What a wonderful twelve months to acquire to assist you to review. All of us within the EZE Group had a outstanding 12 months this year. Our workforce numbers have increased by an impressive 30%. This has to indeed be predicated With the enormous rise in mutually the amounts of people today happily choosing to spend their very own relaxation time unquestionably the EZE Group Tenerife way together with the wide range of cutting edge and remarkable leisure and lifestyle solutions that have been innovativly introduced by the team this season. Subsequently we’d happily accept this invitation to thank the planning and development crews for an astonishing amount of undeniably innotative efforts in 2011. Our own wonderful operations staff have additionally guaranteed that our group’s pre-existing range of products have continually been revised and reviewed, always keeping each of our consumers joyful, truly conscious of the phrase “the customer is king”.

Our very own second to none management employees have once again established their very own mettle, safeguarding the graceful running of our many services. Those terrific (mainly) ladies, find a way to come across remedies where most people would most likely come across dilemmas, successfully keeping anything at all working well and consistently with a smile.

Any report on the year wouldn’t be complete without giving a reference to our latest sales office found in Granada Park. Right from the very starting point the latest quality of professionalism and intention has been ingrained in the team and our very own sales figures have sustained to elevate quarter by quarter and quite often ahead of the target. Subsequently a resounding thank you goes out to, what unquestionably must be one of the best teams inside Europe.

Our new, advanced, UK reserving offices have been developed and additionally constructed and will be starting its service at the start of 2012. On the whole it really has been an amazing year for the EZE Group and our rapidly increasing growth

Eze Group -Birmingham


This analysis has to speak about the UK’s second city for two main purposes; not simply are we close to starting up a fresh booking office located in Birmingham but This year observed the EZE Group become the official tour partners of Birmingham City FC. Following a complete analysis of all of our items and organization successes the Championship club were definitily Exhilarated to become part of the expanding team of EZE Group admirers.


EZE Group Malta


The EZE Group’s Malta established franchise holder Travel Synergie has extended to showcase our merchandise and have really helped the EZE Group method obtain all new participants. Similar to their Tenerife centered colleagues our Maltese workforce have achieved target immediately after target and look arranged in order to arrive at higher along with greater amounts of regular membership growth next year. We in Tenerife are only able to say – bravo along with here’s to a even better twelve months in 2012.

Plans for 2012

Being previously sworn to secrecy this specific writer can’t point out a great deal concerning the coming year apart from, when next year’s review comes to be prepared, a great deal of exhilarating breakthroughs will have bloomed. The EZE Group are also sponsoring a number of Olympic hopefuls ,so check out this article for a medal or a few more come year.

1 secret I am able to let go is that as an element of a promotion together with some other firms serious about selling holidays throughout Tenerife, the EZE Group have greater than 1,000 breaks to hand out in Tenerife next year. Keep it quiet though – don’t say the place you heard it!

To finish this writeup on the year virtually all It’s possible to have to say is – is This potent year has undeniably been an extremely good year and let’s collectively sincerely hope that 2012 is healthier.

We wish a great coming year to all our friends – new and old

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  1. [...] at the Eze Group are very proud to announce that we are now the official Birmingham City FC match day shirt [...]

  2. Peter Decker says:

    Sorry to hear about Jenny Cowen not making the Olympics, she’s a local girl and I remember her diving with my niece. Great Olympics any how.

  3. DrkKnight says:

    thing is i heard eze group will sponsor villa next year and we are only a stepping stone for them.

  4. I pity the poor old Eze Group, spending all that money on Birmingham and getting nothing but brickbats for their troubles.
    Come on ladies and gentleman take their money with a smile and in good grace.
    And hopefully enjoy promotion. Although that will bring a bigger sponsorship cheque and no doubt bigger gripes.

  5. Well I seem to have silenced the nay sayers

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